About us

EcoRec has wide experience and is specialized in collecting, preprocessing of automotive catalytic converters and electronic scrap. The company owns any kind of permitions required this activity. EcoRec’s partners are worldwide leading smelters and refineries.

Our company is registered in Bulgaria and our company details are:
VAT Reg. No: 130501897

Catalytic converter recycling

We process wide range of car catalysts. Ceramic and metalic.

Electronic scrap recycling

We process all kind of electronic scrap. Low, middle and high grade.

Transborder waste transpor

With colaboration with Ecocat Ltd.

EcoRec has almost 30 years of experience

Our company is the natural choice for over 1 000 customers in the last year


Installed new equipment of copper cable processing


Installed new equipment for preprocessing of electronic scrap


Installed equipment for processing spent metallic auto catalyst


Installed ballmill for processing of ceramic auto catalyst


We start collecting spent auto catalyst convertors


EcoRec is founded and begins collecting electronic scrap.

Recycling is the only thing we do since then.