Cookie policy

(In force as of 25.05.2018, changed 22.04.2020)

What are “cookies”?

“Cookies” are small-size text files stored in the directory of the internet browser used by the users. The cookies are used in order to enable the users to effectively use the websites and certain functionalities. The cookies play a key role in simplifying and enhancing the usability of the websites which is why, if deleted or rejected, some website or certain functionalities may become unavailable for the users.

How we use “cookies”?

The web page “” and the blog use “cookies” in order to enhance its usability, to provide certain functionalities (e.g. remembering the users’ preferences, settings, etc.), to improve its operation as well as to analyze information about the user behavior when using the website.

The information collected through the “cookies” for “” is used in aggregated form which allows us to optimize the website as well as to improve its structure, functionalities and content.

“” do not process the data collected by the “cookies” for the purposes of detailed personalization and/or re-marketing of end-users in regards to advertising/promotional  content

What “cookies” do we use?

For the web page “” we use the following “cookies”, falling into three main categories – basic, statistical and marketing

“Third party cookies”

It is possible for the web page “” to contain some links to other websites or embedded content from other websites (e.g. Vimeo and Instagram). When visiting these websites or accessing such content it is possible that certain cookies are placed on your device by websites other than this one. Such cookies are generally referred to as “third party cookies”. “” have no control over the generation or the management of third party cookies. For more information regarding the purpose or content of such third party cookies, please find and familiarize yourselves with the privacy policies or the cookie policies adopted by the respective third parties.

Here is a link where you can learn more about third party cookie policies:

Google Analytics:



Management of the “cookies” used by the web page

Most of the generally available surfing programs (browsers) are set to accept cookies by default. If you prefer, you may alter the settings of your browser so as to have all existing cookies deleted or to automatically reject the placement of cookies (including third party cookies). Please be informed, however, that should You choose to delete or reject the cookies, this may negatively impact the availability or functionality of this website.

More information regarding the cookies, including regarding the possibilities for their management, is available at:

Please be informed that the content of is only available in the following languages: English, German, Spanish and French.

You can use the Google Analytics cookie opt-out option, located at the following address:

By following the described Google Analytics cookie removal steps, you will install an add-on overlay on your browser, which will essentially block the Google Analytics’ cookie functionality.

You can also stop the access to certain selected cookies through this link: portal.